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Engineering survey gives you the best experience to survey a given piece of land using any of the given instrument at instant

Registration Fee -Rs 100/-

Allowed Team Members
- 2 Members

Engineering Survey

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CRIAR is about answering the questions related to civil engineering. Challenge yourself and compete with the fellow engineers to see who will emerge as the ultimate civil engineering expert. Join us and showcase your expertise in this exciting competition!

Registration Fee:-Rs 200/-

Allowed Team members
- 4  Members


Cadal Zakeia

Cadal Zakeia helps students to draw 2D plan of any given building using CAD software within the given time.

Registration Fee - Rs 50/-

Team Cannot be Formed



LOGIQ test is a blend of questions on GK, General Aptitude, and General Science. It consists of two levels.

Registration Fee

-Rs 50/- per member

-Rs 80/- per team of 2


Model Presentation

Explore a world of intricate detail and innovation at our model exhibition. Join us for a journey through tiny worlds that captivate the mind and inspire the imagination.


Potential Professor

This is an event which provides a golden opportunity to show case your potential to become a professor in front of top-notch jury. It not only tests the knowledge levels but also the ability to transfer the knowledge

        Registration Fee:-        Rs.70/- per person


Civil Engg Visual Quiz

You can test your civil engineering knowledge with our interactive visual quiz. You will get the exposure of variety of images and diagrams which showcases key concepts in civil engineering. Put your skills to the test and see how much you know about the fascinating world of civil engineering!"

Registration Fee

-Rs 50/- per member

-Rs 80/- per team of 2


Build it on Spot

Here in this event, you need to construct a structure using popsicle sticks within the prescribed time limit. It should be good in aesthetic point of view and has to carry some extent of load.

Registration Fee:-

Rs.150/- per team

Allowed Team Members:-

3 Members


Treasure Hunt

Registration Fee:-

Rs:-200/- per Team

Allowed Team Members:-

4 Members

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Truss Blitz

Truss Blitz invites you to showcase your structural ingenuity by constructing a Truss bridge with innovative solutions.

Registration Fee:-Rs.250/-

Allowed Team Members:-1 to 4 members

Prize Money:-Rs.4000/-

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